BOOK: The Circumcision Decision: An Unbiased Guide for Parents


The Circumcision Decision is the only unbiased, thoughtful exploration of the important question of whether to circumcise your son or leave his foreskin intact. With a highly readable approach and reliable information, it guides parents through the full range of issues to help them make a decision that is best for their newborn son.

How This Book Is Unique

It explores the benefits of both sides of the issue.

The authors of most websites, blogs and books try hard to persuade you of their position. In contrast, this book presents all the issues and gives you everything you need to know to make your own informed decision whether to circumcise your son or to leave his foreskin intact.

It goes beyond the decision.

If you decide to circumcise, it helps you understand what you need to know about circumcisers, pain relief, protective shields, and more. If you decide to leave your son intact, it gives you valuable information for taking care of your son’s foreskin.

It’s the best parenting book about circumcision.

All the information in this book has been carefully reviewed and edited by leading experts in their field, including professors and doctors from Columbia University, Case Western Reserve, The Cleveland Clinic, Duke and the like. It also won a national award for the BEST parenting book of the year.


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