Joyful Living Naturals Mama Cloth


Reusable Feminine Hygiene Product

With the concerns in this country regarding enormous landfill waste, being more conscious of our carbon foot print, exploring more economical, sensible ways to tackle women’s monthly cycle, getting back to a simpler method is easy.  Recycling and Reusing is important.  Women, unfortunately, contribute a lot to the landfill waste each and every month.  Mama Cloth is one way to tackle this issue.  Reusable pads are easy, comfortable and with automatic washers, very easy to wash and reuse.  These pads are lovingly made by Joyful Living Naturals of Kentucky.  They are made by a Home-birth midwife that takes care of a vast population of families.  She never turns anyone away based on their ability to pay.  She makes these lovely pads to supplement her income when she has a client that is unable to pay. She helps others in so many ways.  We applaud her, love her and will continue to support her. God Bless Joyful Living Naturals !!

Note:  Fabric color and designs vary.  We will provide washing and care instructions with your order.