Herb Lore After Pain Relief Tincture


This tincture is very effective for relieving after birth pains and cramping, which are common causes of uterine for women having their second or subsequent babies. After a woman’s first pregnancy, the uterus easily and (usually) painlessly contracts back down to regain its normal shape and size after the birth. For the second or subsequent births however, its more difficult for the uterus to do this work, and these contractions can cause uterine pain, and for some, be as strong as labor contractions might be. It seems to be more intense with each subsequent birth.

This tincture will help relax the uterus and calm after-pains, while still allowing the uterus to regain its normal shape and size. We have had mothers who had birthed their tenth child remark how incredibly well it worked for them.

Note: Although it is speculated that Blue Cohosh may be contraindicated for use by nursing mothers, this would be if it is used on a longer-term basis (6 weeks or more) and at full strength (100% Blue Cohosh in the tincture rather than having it in smaller portions mixed with other herbs in a combination product such as the After Pain Relief Tincture). As a precaution, we have used very little of this herb in the After Pain Relief Tincture, but enough to keep the uterus painlessly contracting down. This product has a 20+ year track record of success and client happiness and satisfaction! Read two of our more recent testimonials below.

Size: 2 oz     Retail: $20.90