2020 Birth Classes


This “All in One Evening” Birth Class is for couples not in PCP (Prenatal Care Plus at the Birth Center), first time parents to the Birth Center and is also open to the Community. This class encompasses all aspects of the physiology of birth, coping skills and what to expect. Since this class is so intensive, we ask no children please. Because of Covid-19, all classes are Virtual per Zoom Meetings. 

Please register early or by the 6th month of pregnancy, as these classes fill up quickly. You will need a class date 1-2 months before your due date.

Fee: $35.00 per couple.

This class is taught by Jill Whitfield, CNM.

Dates and Location:

Tue., December 15, 2020   6 pm-9:30 pm 1692 Chatham Parkway, Savannah, Ga 31405